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  • 14/Jul/13 Added Alien Diaries, updated books section
  • 19/May/13 Updated Giger Work Database including now more than 3500 images, sketches, sculptures etc. Added new database viewer based on java script due to java applet security problems. See Database section
  • 01/Apr/09 Added Exhibition section Exhibitions section
  • 08/Jul/07 Added Chur Exhibition, updated books section
  • 19/Feb/05 Added Levis Train Project to Projects
  • 19/Nov/04 Added Castle Train Project to Projects and Limited Edition section.
  • 14/Nov/04 Reorganized Articles section with new artcles. Added "Le Monde selon HR Giger" to the BOOKS section.
  • 11/Mar/04 New Articles section with downloadable PDF files. Moved "Not realized Movie Projects" to Movie subsite.
  • 11/Sep/03 Updated Limited Edition List and Database Java Applet including Calendar 2004.
  • 19/May/03 Updated Limited Edition List.
  • 01/Jul/02 Added pictures to Limited Edition List.
  • Updated Watch Abart Items to Database. Choose the 'Number' option and enter 'wa1-99' to see all items.
  • 15/Jan/02 Updated Limited Edition List and Java Database (also corrected crash of the applet at some entries). Also updated Html-Table: Sort by title and number.
    Thanks to M. Witzig and H. J. Mulder for the additional material.
  • 24/Nov/01 Updated Java Database by Calendar 1993 and added 'Giger bei Zirkowitz' book at (rare) books
  • 25/Aug/01 Updated Java Database including unpublished images and Calendar 2002 (also corrected some errors of the applet)
  • 30/Apr/01 Updated Java Database: Passagen-Book
  • 14/Mar/01 New URL: www.littlegiger.com. Updated Java Database
  • 24/Feb/01 General update of the Little Giger Page after contact with H.R. Giger
  • 23/Nov/00 Updated Java Database Calendar 2001
  • 22/Jul/00 Updated books, added ARh+(71) and Passagen
  • 18/Jul/00 Updated Java Database (757 entries; 520 pictures)
  • 08/Jun/00 Updated Java Database
  • 03/Nov/99 Updated Java Database
  • 03/Oct/99 H.R. Giger stage design at Mylene Farmer Concert 99
  • 15/Sep/99 The little Giger Page also at www.lv426.de
  • 31/May/99 Updated Java Database
  • 07/Apr/99 Added help file for Database Applet
  • 06/Apr/99 Added Database Java Applet
  • 27/Feb/99 Updated limited edition page
  • 26/Feb/99 Updated Species II in movie page
  • 30/Oct/98 Added The Mystery of San Gottardo book
  • 01/Oct/98 Updated database and added list of filmdesign projects.
  • 19/Sep/98 Updated home and links page.
  • 16/Sep/98 New homepage design, including books, movies, projects, limited and TV.

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