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H.R. Giger has approached each of his film assignments with the same dedication he devotes to his fine art work, giving free range to his brilliant imagination and to his uncompromising artistic vision. His movie projects are examined in great detail in his book, H.R. GIGER'S FILM DESIGN, which documents the odyssey of his fantastic designs from genesis through gestation and, sometimes, to successful birth. While, only rarely, did all the elements in the collaborative process come together successfully (most notably in ALIEN and SPECIES), Giger has created some of the most successful marriages of design and film in the history of sci-fi cinema.

High und Heimkehr Picture

High und Heimkiller

1967, 16mm Color, Magnetic sound tape
Duration: 11 min
Produced by H.R.Giger and F.M. Murer
Directed by H.R.Giger
IMDb: High and Heimkiller

Swiss Made 2069

1968, 35mm Color, Optical sound
Duration: 45 min
Produced by Giorgio Frapolli
Directed by F.M. Murer
IMDb: Swiss Made 2069
Swiss Made 2069 Picture

Celebration Picture

The Second Celebration of the Four

1977, 16mm Color, Magnetic sound tape
Duration: 5 min
Director: J.-J. Wittmer and H.R.Giger
IMDb: The Second Celebration of the Four

Oscar Award Picture


20th Century Fox, 1979, 70mm Color (DeLuxe), 70mm 6-Track/Dolby
Duration: 117 min
Directed by Ridley Scott
Written by Dan O'Bannon
Alien design by H.R. Giger
Oscar for "Best Achievement for Visual Effects" (April ,14th, 1980)
IMDb: Alien


Alien Picture

Future Kill Picture

Future Kill

1985, Color
Directed by Ronald W. Moore
Written by Ronald W. Moore and Edwin Neal
Film Poster designed by H.R.Giger
IMDb: Future-Kill


Poltergeist II

MGM, 1986, 35mm Color, Dolby
Directed by Brian Gibson
Written by Michael Grais and Mark Victor
Conceptual artist H.R.Giger
IMDb: Poltergeist II
Poltergeist 2 Picture

Teito Monogatari Picture

Teito Monogatari

EXE Japan, 1988, 35mm Color
Duration: 87min (91min Sweden)
Directed by Akio Jitsusoji
Goho Dohji designed by H.R.Giger, realization in wrong scale(half size)
Video title: Tokyo, the last megalopolis
IMDb: Teito Monogatari

Alien 3

20th Century Fox, 70mm Color, Dolby SR
Duration: 115min
Directed by David Fincher
Written by David Giler, Walter Hill and Larry Ferguson
Creature design by H.R.Giger (1989-90)
IMDb: Alien3
Alien3 Picture

Species Picture
Copyright 1995, Robin Perine


MGM, 1995, 35mm Color, DTS
Duration: 108min
Directed by Roger Donaldson
Written by Dennis Feldman
Produced by Frank Mancuso Jr.
Sil design by H.R.Giger
IMDb: Species
MGM/UA: Species

Kondom des Grauens (Killer Condom)

Ascot Film, 1996, Dolby SR
Duration: 107min
Directed by Martin Walz
Creative consultant: H.R.Giger
IMDb: Kondom des Grauens
Condom Picture

Species II Picture

Species II

MGM, 1998, 35mm Color, DTS
Duration: 92min
Directed by Peter Medak
Written by Chris Brancato
Original Species design by H.R.Giger
IMDb: Species II

Not realized Movie Projects

Dune Picture


Project: Dino di Laurentis (1979-1980)
Realized by David Lynch (1984) without H.R.Giger


The Tourist

Project: Universal (1982)
Director: Brain Gibson
Written by Claire Noto, Brain Gibson and Renee Missell


Tourist Picture

Train Picture

The Train

Project: Carolco (1988-89)
Director: Ridley Scott

Partial realized in Species (Sil's dream)

The Mystery of San Gottardo

Project: H.R.Giger (from 1989)
not realized yet

H.R. Giger's agent for film rights:
Gottardo Picture

Dead Star Picture

Dead Star

Project: Imperial Entertainment (1990)
Director: William Malone
Title 1995: Supernova

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